YogaCamp - Welcome Orientation

- Hello, my sweet friends and welcome to 30 Days of Yoga Camp. It is on like Donkey Kong. Thank you so much for being here. Right off the bat, I wanna let you know that we're not doing any yoga today.

(gasps) Yay. So, if you're feeling a little sleepy-sleepy-sleepy from your New Year's Eve or you're just wanting to ease into it, great news: we actually start the official yoga mañana. However, if you're wanting to do some yoga today,

I'm going to send you over to a couple of recent videos. Try the Gentle Yoga Practice. It's a great way to ease into the new year, ease into practice, or even the bedtime sequence, the new one. I'll link you to it.

It's a really nice, yummy practice that will just kind of get you in your body and into your breath. All right? So, a couple of things to let you know. This 30 Days of Yoga is different.

I'm taking some risks as your friend and as your humble yoga guide. I want us to connect to more than just the physical body. So, this is the time of year where we have all this energy and we're really wanting to (clicks tongue), you know, slim down, tone up, come into our dream bodies.

And we can do that and we will do that and it is possible. But ultimately, yoga is guiding us back to the best version of ourself and the idea is that we already are that. We already are awesome, we already are dreamy. All of that already exists inside,

we just kind of have to peel back the layers and the things that are holding us back and maybe weighing us down and poisoning us in such a way that we can't evolve or we can't, you know, be the best version of ourselves. So, I thought this would be a great opportunity,

when we have all this kind of surge of energy floating around the community and our practice to apply something new. So, this month, we're really gonna tackle more than just the physical practice. We're going to add a gentle layer

of affirmations, of mantras. Now, before you stop this video and before you do an about-face or a little pivot turn and sassy-walk on out, I want you to stick with me, okay? I want you to trust me, okay?

I want you to get through (laughs) the 30 Days of Yoga camp with me and I want you to maybe open yourself up to a new experience when it comes to self talk, positive thinking, the way that we speak conscious language and the way that we think, right?

This idea that we are our thoughts. So, a lot of times, we can put all this energy into the physical workout of fitness and stuff, so our physical, but the mental wellness is totally amok, you know, right? And we all have gone through this, right?

Where we know, I know you know what I'm talking about. I've been there. It's like I am hurting myself, right? I'm doing this weird jealous thing, I'm talking bad to myself, I'm, you know. And so, we're going to use this opportunity

to not only get our groove on through the physical practice of yoga, but also to check our thoughts, to check our language, and to tend to mental wellness as well as the physical wellness. And it's my idea with Yoga Camp

that if we all do this together and we just say yes and see what happens, take the things that work for you, leave the things that don't work for you, by all means, and see if we can, as we tend to the physical health and physical wellness

and the mental health and the mental wellness, we can find a sense of spiritual anything, whatever, spiritual wealth. I think it's gonna be fun and I think we're all gonna discover something new about ourselves.

So, I'm excited. I'm excited that you're here with me. Make sure that you've signed up for the daily e-mail. Make sure that you get your calendar because it has a list of all your affirmations for the month. Take a deep breath in (inhales)

and let a big breath out. (exhales) The hard part is over. We're here, first video down. Again, if you wanna do a little yoga today, you're welcome to. Otherwise, I'll see you tomorrow.


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