Revolution - Day 4 - PRANA Practice

Revolution - Day 4 - PRANA Practice

- What's up party people?

Welcome to Yoga with Adriene, it is day four of your Yoga Revolution, and I'm super excited because today's practice is low to the ground and all about Prana or energy. So cultivating healthy Prana is a process that extends way beyond the yoga mat,

so I love that we have the tools of yoga to play with that and to explore and to find what feels good. Let's get started. (light music) Alright my friends, let's begin

in a nice, comfortable seat. You can lift the hips up on a blanket or a block today, we're gonna use a little padding for the knees later. It's not mandatory but just optional if you want to pause the video and grab something

to sit on, a little blanky or a towel. We'll take a second to get settled in, to tune into how we're feeling today. By simply closing the eyes, and starting to notice the breath. So today's practice focuses on

Prana, or the energetic body. So I guarantee you if you stick with this 31 day yoga journey, you're going to see definition in your muscles, you're gonna feel trim, you might notice your internal organs

working a little bit better, but if you really want to make the most of this journey, as a transformational practice, you have to drop in to, not just the physical body, but the energetic body. That's why we talk about moving from a place of connect.

So whether you're familiar or interested or care about the chakras at all, just see if you can imagine this beautiful line of energy from the base of the spine all the way up through the midline and all the way up to the crown of the head.

Then when you're ready, take a deep breath in, and then a long breath out. And slow in control, deep breath in, and a long breath out. And then just notice how slow and in control breathing can change the way you feel.

It's possible. Then begin to let go of the day thus far, put aside your to do list, and continue to breathe slow and even breaths, listening to the sound of your breath as you breathe in, and then a nice audible breath as you breathe out.

So maybe it's Ujjayi breath here, that soft restriction in the back of the throat but really to each his own, just listen to your breath here, really drop in. Beautiful. And then when you're ready, open your eyes

if they're closed and bring your hands right to the belly, right on top of your belly button here. Right hand first, left hand's gonna come on top and then loop the shoulders, find that lift through the heart. So we're gonna begin today with an extra little

Pranayama practice. So we just kind of dropped in with slow, even breath, now we're switching to a little energizing breath called Kabalabati. So the inhale is passive, the exhale is sharp and the naval draws in.

We take a deep breath in, sit up nice and tall. Then on the exhale, naval draws in. Give it a try, big breath in, fine expansion, exhale, naval draws in. So you can feel your hands coming in. Now the trick is to keep the upper body soft

and still, lower body grounded and stable, and to just let the movement really be this pumping action in the belly. Alright, so here we go, inhale, sit up nice and tall. Exhale, empty it all out.

And inhale to begin. (exhaling sharply) Take a deep breath in, and then release. Open palms, release them to the tops of the thighs or the knees, close your eyes and notice how you feel. Fabulous.

This time, left hand in, right hand on top, loop the shoulders one more time. So if you're really new to this practice, just do your breast, (laughs) do your breast (snaps) do your best, take breaks when you need to

and again, work on keeping the upper body soft and still and really initiating that movement from the naval. Okay, here we go, inhale, sit up nice and tall. Exhale to empty it all out. And inhale to begin.

(exhaling sharply) 10 more seconds. And release. Deep breath in. Exhale to empty it out. Palms face up, close your eyes and observe. Awesome. Then see if you can remain in this role

of the observer, soft and easy as we transition to all fours. If you have towel or blanky, go ahead and roll it out, set yourself up for greatness by creating a little padding for the knees. So one of the reasons I love this 31 day

Yoga Revolution together is that it really is, it kind of resembles like when we were kids and we would have spring break or, that's why I love the idea of yoga camp so much too, is we create this little space of goodness and love to play in and explore.

So as we pad the knees, we're not padding the knees because oh, I have bad knees. We're padding the knees because it's an act of love and playfulness. So something to consider each time you transition. Okay, here we go.

So we're gonna come to tabletop position. Knees are padded, spread the palms super wide, really spread the fingertips today my friends, like starfish. We're gonna start really feeling that hand to earth connect, and same with the toes, see if you can press

the tops of the feet and the toes into the ground, tug the shoulders away from the ears, and find length. Now notice just how it feels. So the energy might be low today, that's okay, we'll honor exactly where you're at today.

Or you might have lots of good juju, there's a little bug over there, a little friend. (clicks) No kill policy here, just gonna do some yoga with me. Notice how you feel, and then see if you can just support that,

support that with breath, support that by allowing the breath to take over and maybe the thinking mind can take a little break. Maybe you find support from within, but lifting up, imagine your back body lifting up to the ceiling,

and here we go, Cat-Cow, moving nice and slow, inhale, drop the belly. Tail bone reaches up, crown of the head reaches up, heart opens forward and then exhale, rounding through, chin to chest. Inhale, drop the belly,

feel the skin of the front body stretch, press into your fingers, and exhale, rounding through, just feel the skin of the back body stretch. One more time, inhale, long belly here,

and exhale, naval draws all the way up. Beautiful, inhale, come back to center, bump the hips to the left and carve a line with your nose to look all the way towards the back right corner of your mat. Find an extension through the crown,

then everyone bend your elbows and press away from your yoga mat, find more length in the upper back body, in the neck, then slowly come back to center, bump the hips to the right and carve a line with your nose all the way round,

look past your left shoulder, breathing deep here, feel that stretch in the side body, and then press away from your yoga mat. So we're working and building the arm muscles, finding lift in the heart, one more big breath in here. And then exhale, release.

Curl the toes under, slowly walk the hands all the way back, we'll come off the wrists for just a moment here, walk the knees in line with the hip points just for stability. We're breathing into the soles of the feet here. And then we'll take Thriller arms,

fingertips down, really reaching through the forearms here, plug the shoulders in, find that lift up from the pelvic floor. So we're not just hanging here, but we're connecting to the energetic body. Then flip the script, press the palms forwards,

spread the fingertips, kind of claw through your nails here and then take that forward and all the way back down. Keep clawing into the ground, tabletop position, we come onto the tops of the feet again. And this time, on an inhale, curl the right toes under and

send the right heel out long. Find a stretch here, maybe creating a little sawing motion front to back. And then draw a line with your right toes, all the way out past the left edge of your mat here, kind of bumping the hips to the right

as you send your right toes to the left. Turn your gaze to look at your right toes and then again, don't collapse but press away from your yoga mat. So, we're finding a little contraction in the left obliques and a big stretch

on the right side body. One more breath here, and then exhale, knee to nose, bring it all the way in, round up through the spine, move from a place of connect,

squeeze and lift, and then release, tabletop. Awesome. Curl the left toes under, find a little motion front to back. And then when you're ready, when you feel like you have lots of awareness

throughout the whole body, send the left toes over to the right. We can track through the right obliques here, feel that big stretch through the left side body, press away from your yoga mat, don't collapse, lift the back of the neck,

maybe tuck the chin slightly. Inhale, and then exhale all the way back in, knee to nose, move with control, with ease, squeeze and lift, and then release, tabletop. Awesome. This time,

keep the tops of the feet down, so don't curl the toes and send the hips back. Hands come to the tops of the thighs, so the toes should spill off your towel here and then we sit up nice and tall, Hero Pose. Close your eyes, just notice how you feel,

feel the rushing of blood, fresh blood into the body. Wonderful and then we'll send the fingertips all the way out, claw the nails and take it forward. And then take that same image of clawing into the ground,

into tabletop. Alright, here we go. Inhale, send the right toes out, this time lift from the right inner thigh. Turn the right pinky toe down and press away from your yoga mat.

Long through all four sides of the torso. On your next big breath in, send the left fingertips forward for spinal balance, pull the left shoulder in, it's as if you're shaking someone's hand with this left palm,

and then tuck the chin, lengthen. Alright, inhale in, exhale, knee to nose, moving with the breath, building strength, clawing into your fingerprints. Inhale to expand. One more time, exhale, knee to nose.

Then inhale to expand. Now this time, listen carefully, press on your foundation, then exhale, turn, left fingertips reach all the way to the left, turn to look past your left shoulder,

then bend your right knee and touch your left toes. Press away from your yoga mat, don't collapse. Then inhale to expand, spread the fingers, spread the toes, and exhale, knee to nose. Inhale to expand.

Exhale, bend the right knee, reach behind, open up through the left shoulder, touch your toes. Then inhale to expand. And exhale, knee to nose. One more time, we got this.

Inhale to expand. Exhale, reaching to touch your toes. Press away from your yoga mat, open, inhale to expand. And exhale, all fours. Curl the toes under, send it back.

Loop the shoulders, inhale in, take a moment to check in here each time. Awesome, then send the hands forward, claw your nails, take that energy all the way down. So we don't want to collapse into the wrists or the shoulders here, really pressing away.

Alright, here we go, second side. Curl the left toes under, send that left heel back. When you're ready, inhale, lift it up. So find that containment up through the front body, hug the lower ribs in, engage the upper abdominals, and then when you're ready,

inhale, reach the right fingertips forward, plug that right shoulder in again, you're shaking someone's hand here, right thumb is up. And then here we go, inhale to find expansion. Exhale, knee to nose, with control.

Contract, naval draws in, then inhale to expand. And exhale, knee to nose. Hug the lower ribs in and up. Inhale to expand, now listen carefully, here we go, this time turning past the right shoulder,

reaching the right fingertips back and then bending the left knee. Try to touch your toes. Inhale to expand. Exhale, knee to nose. Inhale to expand, spread the fingers,

spread the toes. Exhale, bend the left knee, reach back, touch your left toes. Inhale to expand. Exhale, knee to nose. Last one, inhale to expand.

Slow and steady, don't rush it, stretching the quad, opening up through the pectorals, the chest, lift your heart. And inhale, expand. And exhale, release back down.

Awesome, this time bring the big toes together, knees as wide as the blanket or your mat, and then send the hips back, Extended Child's Pose. Reach the arms forward, really active arms here. And then melt your heart down,

take a rest. Press into the tops of the feet. Moving from your center, draw the naval up, come all the way back. This time we're going to walk the elbows right underneath the shoulders,

walk the knees right underneath the hips, and then curl the toes under and slide the right heel back and then slide the left heel back, Forearm Plank. So take a second to look down and really get your hips in line with your heels and your shoulders.

One nice long line from the crown to the tail, and then carve a line with your nose and look forward between your thumbs. Press into your fingerprints, claw into the ground here. We're here for five, breathe deep,

feel that Prana, that shake, four, three, soft in the face, two, and one, release hips, belly all the way down. Slide the hands back in line with the ribs, tuck the chin into the chest,

forehead kisses the mat, and then inhale, lift up Cobra. See if you can really find this wave in the spine today as you exhale. Release. Then tuck the chin, inhale.

Slowly rise up and exhale, release, really pressing into your feet. One more time, inhale, rise up, maybe do a little taller this time. And then release. Beautiful.

Curl the toes under, press back up to all fours. Wonderful. So find your strong tabletop once again, and this time we're gonna press away from the yoga mat, press into the top of that left foot and slowly lift the right knee out to the side,

so like a fire hydrant. Great for the booty here. But what I'm wanting to do is create this long line from the crown of the head to the tip of the tail bone, maintain that Shakti or that Prana, that energy, all the way up and down the spine,

so not collapsing here, to get my workout in, quite the contrary. I'm maintaining that awareness through the spine, and then eventually I'll draw small circles with that hip so with the knee one way and then the other.

But the goal is to actually see if I can keep this awareness in the spine, in my energetic body, lifting up as I press away from our yoga mat. And then reverse the circle if you haven't already. And see if you can really isolate, just moving that hip socket,

it's not shifting the shoulder, trying to distribute the weight evenly. Wonderful, and then release. If you need to take a little break, you need to come up onto the fists, or do rotations with the wrists,

otherwise we're heading right into the second set. Tops of the shoulders draw away from the ears, so elbows, bony part of your elbows is going back, and the elbow creases are going forward. Root down through that index finger and thumb, hug everything up through the midline,

press into the top of the right foot and then slowly we'll lift the left knee all the way out to the side like a fire hydrant. Great for the glute. Hug to the midline. Connect to the energetic body here for stability.

Breathe deep, feel that heat, that Prana, woo, to be alive today. Lifting up back body all the way to the ceiling and then when you're ready, drawing big circles here. And see if you can keep the upper body nice and stable,

and the neck nice and long. Full body strengthener here, draw the naval in and up, press into all of your knuckles, reverse your circle if you haven't already. Keep pressing into the top of your right foot. Beautiful. Do one more, you got this, you got this.

And then release. Awesome. This time, bring the knees together, feet together, send the hips back, fingertips back, palms face up, Child's Pose. So if you want to get an extra stretch in the wrist,

you'll just send your fingertips up towards the sky, kind of like Thriller arms but face down. And breathe deep here. And slowly reaching the fingertips up, carving a line with the nose, pressing back up to all fours,

and we'll make our way to Downward Facing Dog. So take your time getting there, your blanket can stay there, curl the toes under, peeling up, continuing to deepen the breath. So soft bend in the knees here as you hug the lower ribs in,

draw your naval in and up, tug the shoulders away from the ears, we'll take one more breath cycle here, you got this. Fabulous, then walk the feet together. Inhale, lift the right leg up high and exhale, knee to nose,

and step it all way up, nice, low lunge. Back knee comes to the blanket or the towel, and we inhale, loop the shoulders, let the heart radiate forward. So, we've been coming to this shape slowly, opening up this pose in the body.

If it feels good you can walk the left knee back, just a little bit, but only if it feels right. Then back toes are gonna stay curled under here, and we're gonna slowly lift the fingertips, let them hover. Now take this into account,

draw the naval in and up, in and up and then let that be what lifts you up, naval drawing in and up, in and up, in and up. Then maybe we take the fingertips all the way up and overhead, or hands can come to the waistline.

Squeezing your thighs to the midline, you got this, big breath in, and then exhale, slowly release. Walk the hands to the left side of the yoga mat, and then we're gonna work to drop the elbows down so if the elbows don't come down,

you'll just work in plank, palms on the earth. Otherwise, I'm gonna work to slowly bring my forearms down, and I'm going to draw my naval in and up, and I'm gonna step back to either Forearm Plank or Plank. So if your hands are on the ground,

you'll lift the back knee and step back to Plank. Or, we'll go forearms to the ground, draw the naval in and up, and slowly step back, Forearm Plank. Full body strengthener, whichever variation you choose. Inhale in, then exhale slowly,

lower the knees, Child's Pose, nice work. Big breath in, big breath to really empty it all out. Gorgeous. Inhale, come back up to all fours, and exhale, make your way to Downward Facing Dog. Hips up high, nice awareness in that index finger

and thumbs so really root down through the index finger and thumb. Then when you're ready, walk the feet together, inhale, lift the left leg up high. Exhale, knee to nose. Cultivating strength.

Step it up, lower the back knee down to your blanket, and we'll loop the shoulders, let's keep those back toes curled under today, as we squeeze in your thighs to the midline. So you might just stay here nice and low, depending on your energy level.

Or fingertips will begin to hover and lift. Now again, don't let the arms swinging up be what lifts you. In fact, really go slow so you can try to move from your center here. Naval draws in and up,

naval draws in and up, we call this Uddiyana Bandha where the naval draws inward and then upward. These muscles draw in and up, in and up, in and up. And so with the back toes curled under, I'm getting really great stretch here,

pull the left hip crease back, hands come to the waistline. Or, reach the arms all the way up and overhead. Big inhale to embrace, embody the pose. And exhale to soften and release. Left hand comes inward to join the right,

and so we're gonna walk out to little Lizard variation here. Plant the palms, step it back to Plank or slowly, take your time here, no rush, coming down onto forearms, drawing the naval in and up,

really connecting to your center and stepping it back from here. So take your time, explore. Wherever you are, in Plank or Forearm Plank, take a deep breath in, and then exhale, slowly lower the knees, Child's Pose.

Take a rest. Deep breath in, exhale to empty it all out. Awesome. This time, tuck the chin, slowly roll it up. Take your time, take your time. Head over heart, heart over pelvis,

stacking the line of the spine so that the energy can flow with ease. Alright. Now we're gonna take the blanket or the towel and move it to the side. You're welcome to keep it if you like,

but I'm gonna move it to the side. We're gonna come to our bum, bring the hands behind the thighs, and don't blow through this, you'll really use this articulation. I've been trying to add more moments

where I can really articulate my spine with the use of the ground. So loop the shoulders, inhale, lift your heart and then exhale. Starting at the tail, slowly lower down, nice and slow.

So this is a good core workout, but it's really about finding that articulation through the spine, so good, so, so, so good. And then come to a nice full body stretch. Extend the legs out long, reach the fingertips

all the way up and behind you. And then exhale, hands come down. Beautiful. Keep the left leg out long, use your hands on the earth, try to move from the middle here as you slowly bring the right knee

all the way up and in. Great, and lace the fingertips, squeeze that right knee all the way up towards the heart, and then up towards your right shoulder. Stay firm through the top of that left thigh bone, inhale in, and then exhale.

We're gonna switch, but nice and slow. Left leg comes in, right leg goes out. Squeeze the left knee in towards your heart and then open towards the left shoulder. And then switch, whenever you're ready. Now as you switch, see if you can keep your lower back

flush with the mat, and the tail bone lifted up towards the sky. Soft and easy, back and forth, switching. Neck is nice and long. Hug the lower ribs in. Again, try to keep your lower back flush with the mat.

Wonderful. Now you can keep going here, or bring the hands behind the head, and continue the action of the legs, and little yogi bicycle as the right knee comes up, we reach the left elbow out past the right edge of the mat,

so try to bring your left shoulder to the center of your body and then come back. And then switch. So we started at this because this is about moving the energetic body with the physical body, with the muscles.

Okay, so try to connect that to yogi bicycles here, whatever that means to you. Back and forth, keeping soft and relaxed in the face, lower back flush with the mat. Awesome, then even it out. Then we'll send both legs up,

both fingertips up. Reach, and just like we did in our breath in the beginning, baby pulses, sharp exhale, passive inhale. (exhaling sharply) Lift the tail bone, lift the heels. Neck nice and long, send your gaze up.

(exhaling sharply) So we're not here. (exhaling sharply) Keep it going. (exhaling sharply) 10 more seconds.

(exhaling sharply) Awesome, and release. Bring the knees wide, hands come to the belly, soles of the feet together. Snuggle your shoulder blades underneath your heart space, and begin to cool it off, smooth it out.

Inhale in, and on your next exhale, relax the weight of your body completely and fully into the mat. And press the feet together, slowly draw the knees back into center. Press up off the toes and give yourself a big hug here.

You can stay here, or we're gonna slowly peel the nose up towards the knee, it doesn't even have to come close, it's just the intention of coming into a little contraction here, a little ball, so it doesn't have to look like mine at all.

Squeeze, naval draws down, tail bone draws up. Keep the shoulders relaxed, take one more big breath here, squeeze, squeeze, squeeze everything. And then exhale, let everything go. Bring your body out. Legs out long, arms out wide.

You can take your blanky, bring it behind the backs of the legs, behind the backs of the knees, or you can pillow the head. I'm gonna come here for sure. And then take a deep breath in,

and use your exhale to relax the weight of your body completely and fully into the mat. And notice how you feel. And so as we move onward in our journey, consider now the energetic body and the Prana at play.

So as we begin to spike up our practice with more twists and strengthening poses I want to really feel the effects of the energetic body supporting the postures, but also these wonderful sensations that you can only feel if you're really listening.

A feeling of the inner body moving. I just lost half my subscribers there. The feel of the inner body moving. But do you know, just stay open, you never know.

At the very least you're gonna get a good workout so it's all good. Alright. Gently rock the head side to side, ear to ear, nice massage on the back of the head. And then just notice if you went into really fast

rush mode, can you slow it down? And again, can we train ourselves to really pay attention, or pay more attention to the energetic body? And find what feels good is all about creating a space for the energy,

the Prana to flow, naturally. So that you can do good and feel good off your mat. Alright, we'll draw the palms together, thank you so much for sharing your time and your energy and your Prana with me today.

I'll see you tomorrow. Leave questions, comments, anything you want to share about your experience today down below, and I'll see you tomorrow, Namaste. (light music)

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