Revolution - Day 3 - Honor Practice - Yoga With Adriene

- What's up, everyone -

Welcome to your Yoga Revolution. It's day three and today's practice is really important because it's about really honoring this time and space that you create for yourself each time you show up on the yoga mat. So we wanna feel good and look good,

but we also want to make sure we're tending to that inner space too by honoring exactly who we are each time we show up on the mat. So, hop onto something comfy and let's get started. (light music) All right, my friends.

Let's begin in a nice comfortable seat of your choice. Sit up nice and tall. And as you take a moment to get settled in today, consider the focus of our practice which is to honor. Honor exactly who you are

and where you're at today. So we spent day one and day two kind of easing in and setting ourself up for greatness. Moving from a place of honesty, a place of connect and with ease.

And today we put our foot down, our hand down, fists up whatever it... Whatever it feels like for you today, whatever it feels like, whatever it is (laughing). We say you know what?

I'm gonna show up to my mat and honor who I am and where I'm at. The reason why this practice is important is as you keep showing up on your yoga mat just as you keep waking up each morning, it's important to realize and to embrace

that it's going to be different every time because we are constantly changing. We are constantly ever changing beings so... Make a commitment here and now to always honor exactly where you're at.

You have to honor the fact that some days you will feel stronger and some days you will have better balance and some days not. So, today we commit to the practice of honoring who we are and where we are

each time we hit the yoga mat. Take a deep breath in. Use your exhale to relax your shoulders, settle in. Another deep breath in. Exhale. (breathing) Beautiful.

So, we're gonna take the left heel in and the right heel out. So, uncross the legs or if you're in another seated position, come to Sadasana. We draw the left heel in towards the center line

and then the right foot comes in. And right away honoring where we're at today take a second to use your breath to find length and then exhale, a great way to start today's honor practice by checking in with the hips. As you breathe out, walk the finger tips forward.

Just feel it out, feel it out what's going on in that right hip space. You might find soft easy movement here or you might find stillness allowing the head to bow. Then using the power of your big

inhalation to move you and the power of your long exhalation to move you. Whatever feels good today. Soft easy movement. Maybe swaying side to side

or stillness allowing the breath to be the power in the movement. (breathing) Send lots of love and awareness to that right hip. Inhale (breathing). Then exhale, walk the hands all the way up

and switch. Right heel comes in, left leg snuggles up. Inhale in to find length (breathing). And then exhale to crawl forward. I honor exactly who I am and where I'm at today.

(breathing) Again find soft easy movements swaying side to side. Maybe you relax the weight of the head all the way over. Everyone, try to keep awareness of your sits bones coming up off the ground and really reach

them down towards the core earth, send your hips back. (breathing) Then inhale and use your exhale to walk your hands all the way back up.

Fabulous. We'll slowly bring the hands around to the outer edges of the legs and come to a boat variation. Just lighting up a little fire in our belly. You can hold onto the backs of the thighs here or lift the chest, open the palms forward. (breathing)

Soft and easy through the ankles, breathing deep here (breathing). And check it out. I'm gonna take my right hand all the way up and over bring it to the left. Namaste on the left.

Then I'm gonna reach my right fingertips forward and slowly draw left fingertips across the chest. Come to the center of my mat here. And open up. Doesn't have to come all the way, it can come half way. (breathing)

Breathing here, find length. (breathing) And then exhale, release, stick with me. Come back to center. You could just be here, holding, breathing deep. (breathing) Otherwise, sending left fingertips up and over,

palms come together, Namaste. Inhale, lift through the chest and then exhale, fingertips cross all the way, open, big twist here as you lift, lift, lift. Now, hopefully your body starts to shake and tremble a little bit here.

Ah, to be alive today. Honor where you are, inhale, (breathing) and then exhale, catch yourself. We're gonna rock all the way front to back. So, give yourself a little massage (laughing). A little massage.

Up and down the spine. And then eventually we'll rock all the way forward and onto all fours. Table top position right away. Pressing away from your foundation here. Super important that each time we come here

we set ourselves up for greatness. Finding our alignment and foundation so that then we can find freedom within that. (breathing) So, stack your bones, press into the tops of the feet.

Careful not to collapse here, but press away from the yoga mat. Lift your heart up between your shoulder blades, lengthen the crown of the head forward. Reach tailbone towards the back edge of your mat. One more breath here. (breathing)

Then stay here or curl the toes under, soft bend in the elbows, inhale in, exhale lift the knees, and we hover for five. Four, breathe deep here. Three. Two.

And one. Downward Facing Dog, hips up high (breathing). You can adjust your stance on your mat, (breathing). Start to deepen your breath. Upper arm bones rotate out away from the ears. We root down through the index finger and thumb.

Take your dog for a little walk here. (breathing) Then we're gonna walk the big toes together and inhale lift the right leg up high. Turn the right toes down, try to lift from your right inner thigh and press away from your yoga mat.

Deep breath in, exhale, knee to nose. Shifting forward, try to touch your nose to your knee, and then step it up, nice, low lunge. Lower the back knee, loop the shoulders, inhale, open the chest, look forward.

So, you wanna make sure front knee's over front ankle here and you wanna stay connected to the back toes. Creating a full body experience here. Moving from a place of connect, we inhale in, exhale, send the hips back. Stay connected, try to move from your center.

(breathing) Runners stretch, again, you can walk the finger tips forward if you liked that. Deepening the stretch, otherwise, keep them nice and underneath the shoulders. Rolling through, beautiful,

loop the shoulders, inhale, let your heart radiate forward. Then, exhale, plant the palms, curl the back toes under come to plank. From here, we're gonna press away from the yoga mat, tap the right toes off the mat, and then back the center.

Building strength mindfully, tap the left toes off the mat and then back to center. Two more times on each side, right toes tap lifting up between your shoulder blades. Left toes tap (breathing). One more time, right. (breathing)

And then left, (breathing). Awesome, Downward Facing Dog. Move from a place of connect. Press into that index finger and thumb, deep breath in (breathing). Long breath out (breathing).

Walk the big toes to the mid line and here we go. Inhale, lift the left leg up high. So, keep the left pinky toe turned down and lift from your left inner thigh. Claw into your finger prints,

take one more deep breath in here (breathing). Then exhale, knee to nose. Rounding through. Beautiful, step it up, nice, low lunge here as you lower on to the back knee and then find your footing.

Then let that information, that awareness, from your footing travel all the way up through the spine and to the crown of the head. Open the chest, inhale, shoulders draw down and away and then exhale, send the hips back, flex the left toes towards the sky.

Breathe deep. (breathing) Here we go, rolling through that left foot. Inhale, open the chest, exhale, plant the palms. Curl the back toes under, we're gonna step it to plank. Again, tapping the right toes off the mat.

Whenever you're ready, lifting up between your shoulder blades. Right toes tap off and then left. You keep going here breathing deep. If you want to turn it into toe jacks

you can, but just soft easy movement here. (breathing) Nice and in control. (breathing) Beautiful, do one more on each side, you got this. (breathing) Inhale in, hug the elbows into the side body,

exhale, you can lower the knees here. If you like and slowly lower down all the way to the belly and with control. Come on to the tops of the feet. Press the pubic bone into the earth, hug the elbows into the side body

and inhale Cobra, Bhujangasana. Try to maintain that length in the neck here breathe deep. (breathing) And on an exhale, release it back down. Curl the toes under, lift the knee caps, tone the quads, come into your power here as you inhale.

Press up to plank and then exhale. Downward Facing Dog. (breathing) Deep breath in. (breathing) Long breath out. (breathing)

Turn the two big toes in slightly. Lift up from your hip creases. Shake the head loose. (breathing) Beautiful. Bend the knees, inhale look forward, exhale step the feet up, ragdoll, to the top of your mat.

(breathing) Toes are pointing forward, take a couple moments to really stretch it out bend the knees, clasp the elbows, rock a little side to side. (breathing) Find what feels good.

(breathing) Notice what comes up here, pay attention in a way that you can really honor where you're at today. (breathing) What's coming up?

Then notice it and then come back to the breath. (breathing) Awesome, release the arms and slowly tuck the chin into the chest. Nice and slow, roll it up.

Feeling it out. And as you rise up stacking through the spine, looping the shoulders, finding that lift up through your heart, take a deep breath in (breathing)

and exhale pressing through all four corners of the feet. Give your thinking mind permission here to take a break. Give the thinking mind permission to take a break, anything that's been on your plate or in your head or bothering you, give it a rest. We can always pick it back up at the end of this practice.

Begin to allow the breath to take over as you come into your best and most beautiful Mountain. (breathing) Listen to the sound of your breath and really take responsibility for this part of the practice.

Honoring not just the physical practice, but the Pranayama practice and the mental aspect. So, give the thinking mind a break by listening to the sound of your breath. Inhale, reach for the sky. Thumbs back, pinkies forward,

so really keep that rotation in the shoulder here as if you're holding a big beach ball up and over head. Then exhale, float the hands down, bring your big beach ball down. Synchronizing with the breath, inhale,

reach for the sky, press in all four corners of the feet. Really maximize the stretch here, reach. Then, exhale, release. So, there's energy in the fingertips here as if you're holding a ball. Inhale, reach all the way up,

thumbs back, pinkies forward. (breathing) And this time, exhale, send the left fingertips back, right fingertips forward, soft knees, so don't lock out through the legs. Beautiful, now check it out. Fingertips are gonna come down to come up

and then we inhale, reach for the sky. (breathing) And exhale, right fingertips back, left fingertips forward, opening up through the chest, opening up through the shoulders, fingertips come down to come up

and then inhale, we reach, big full body stretch, exhale, one more time to each side. Left fingertips back, right fingertips forward. Maintain length through the neck and fingertips go down

to come up, soft easy movement here as you exhale, right fingertips go back, left fingertips go forward, soft bend in the knees. Gorgeous, fingertips go down to come up, inhale, lift that big beach ball up and overhead, maybe lift your toes here, feel that full body connect,

and then exhale down you go. Forward Fold. (breathing) Moving with the breath, inhale lifts you up half way, find length here. Crown of the head reaches forward, not down. And then exhale Forward Fold.

Fabulous. Fingertips come to the mat here. We're gonna walk the feet together, really together, bend the knees, send the hips back, take that big beach ball up and overhead for chair pose. Squeeze the inner thighs together.

So, lots of space here and the rotation of the shoulders opening so that your heart can be radiant (breathing) and not closed off. Send the hips back. Maybe bend a little deeper,

draw the navel in and upward, take one more deep breath in here, you got this, maybe lift the toes. Then, exhale, Forward Fold. Inhale half way lift again. Exhale, bend the knees, plant the palms,

step or hop it back to plank. Nice strong plank here. Inhale to come forward onto the toes and then exhale to either come belly to Cobra or now, chaturanga to Upward Facing Dog. So, use an inhale to open your heart

in Up-dog or Cobra and then exhale to travel back to Downward Facing Dog. (breathing) Moving with the breath. (breathing) Great, walk your feet into the midline and inhale lift the right leg up high (breathing),

exhale knee to nose, navel draws up. Then, step it up, nice, low lunge, lower the back knee, and inhale. Lift that big beach ball all the way up and overhead. Then exhale left fingertips back, right fingertips forward, head over heart, heart over pelvis.

(breathing) Imagine your in two panes of glass here. So press in your foundation. Then, inhale, fingertips come up, then exhale, right fingertips back, left fingertips forward. (breathing)

Inhale, lift up from the pelvic floor. Exhale relax your shoulders. Gorgeous, inhale, reach for the sky, and exhale all the way down. Plant the palms, curl the back toes under, send it straight to Downward Facing Dog

or you'll go belly to Cobra or chaturanga to Up-dog. So, a little flow here is optional and then your Downward Dog. Take a deep breath in (breathing) and let it go. (breathing)

Walk the feet to the midline. Anchor the right heel down this time and inhale lift the left leg up high. Exhale, knee to nose, rounding through the spine, and then step it up. Lower the back knee down,

find your footing and then big beach ball up and overhead as you inhale, rise up. Exhale nice and steady. So, keep the inner thigh squeezing to the midline as you reach to the right fingertips back and left fingertips forward.

Inhale find length (breathing) and exhale relax the shoulders. (breathing) Inhale reach for the sky, twist, exhale, left fingertips back, right fingertips forward. Focus on the sensation over the shapes you might even just be here.

Inhale. (breathing) Exhale, relax the shoulders. Then, big inhale to reach all the way up and exhale all the way down. Again, optional vinaysa here. Plant the palms, step it back.

You move through a little flow here or you go straight to your Downward Facing Dog. (breathing) Inhale to open your heart and exhale, Downward Facing Dog. (breathing)

Inhaling deeply here, press away from your yoga mat. (breathing) And exhale, sigh it out (breathing). Awesome. Slowly look forward, inhale, exhale ragdoll to the top of your mat.

Forward Fold, uttanasana. (breathing) Big inhale lifts you up halfway, find length. (breathing) Exhale to soften and bow. (breathing) Inhale root to rise your inhale. Reach for the sky big stretch, big breath.

And exhale hands to heart. (breathing) Great work. Bring the feet really together. Try not to look down at your feet when you bring the feet together, it's hard, I know.

(breathing) Inhale (breathing) and exhale to relax the shoulders. (breathing) Soft knees, inhale, reach for the sky. (breathing) Exhale, Forward Fold. (breathing)

Inhale lifts you up halfway. (breathing) Exhale to soften and bow. Plant the palms, bend the knees, we're gonna step the right foot back followed by the left. Last plank, you got this. Press away from your yoga mat,

tug the shoulders away from the ears. Take a deep breath in (breathing) and exhale, Downward Facing Dog. (breathing) Beautiful, from here, we're gonna walk the big toes to the midline one last time and inhale, reach the right foot up high.

Exhale, knee to nose (breathing), and slowly step it all the way up, nice, low lunge. This time, keep the back knee lifted. Inhale, open the chest (breathing) and exhale, relax the shoulders. (breathing)

Now, check it out. I'm bringing my right hand next to my right foot and walk my right foot out. So, I'm coming into a lizard here. Now, open through the chest,

breathe in, now exhale, lower the back knee if you like. But you've already been here, so you might just keep it up. Breathing deep here, one more full breath. (breathing)

Wonderful. Now, soft bend in both knees here, guys. Keep it soft and playful. I'm gonna slowly walk through, take my hands with me guiding my way all the way back to my nice, low lunge now at the back of my mat.

Loop the shoulders, keep the back knee lifted. Inhale, look forward and then exhale, slowly bringing the left hand (breathing) to the inside, maybe walking the left foot out. Nice lizard variation here, you can lower the back knee here if you like

but it's already lifted, so let's see what happens if we really reach that right heel back and take one more deep breath in here. (breathing) Fabulous. Then, slowly using the hands,

soft bend in both knees to come all the way through to a nice, wide-legged Forward Fold. Turn the toes in slightly. Loop the shoulders, find your breath again. (breathing)

And inhale, lengthen through the crown, long, beautiful neck. And when you feel like you found your footing, exhale to fold in. Wide-legged Forward Fold. So, you might just be here on the fists.

Such a wonderful, therapeutic posture. In time, we're walking the hands in line with the arches of the feet. Take one more deep breath here. Just coming to this pose so you can really see where you're at today.

Practice honoring where you are at today. We'll be coming to this pose again and again and it's fun and just wanted to see how it evolves and changes. If your crown of the head is reaching towards the ground come back up.

And slowly, we'll soften the bend of the knees and heel, toe, heel, toe the feet in. So, just slowly inch your feet all the way back in so that you're at a nice Forward Fold in the center of your mat. Toes pointing forward.

(breathing) Big inhale lifts you up halfway, pull the shoulders back, find length, and exhale to soften and bow. Bend the knees generously, fingertips come out to the sides

and we lift the heels feeling that big stretch through the feet as you come all the way up. (breathing) Feel the blood flow opposite direction. You can stay here with finger tips on the mat or loop the shoulders

and bring the palms together. (breathing) And if you feel good here, you might practice bringing the feet together, knees together. (breathing) Just feeling it out.

Nice stretch in the feet. So, we're either here, here or in a nice little toe stand. All right and take one more deep breath in lifting up through that center plumb line, give it your all, and then exhale release.

Everyone, use your fingers to be really mindful of the knees to come all the way onto your bum. So, you'll turn and come onto your bum. Open the knees out wide, grab the ankles.

Soles of the feet come together, loop the shoulders, inhale, lift up, and then exhale, slowly chin to chest rounding through the spine. Inhale lift up, nice little booty massage on this one too.

And then exhale, chin to chest (breathing). And one more time. Inhale, lift up, really lifting up from the center. So, draw the navel inward and upward.

Lift, lift, lift, lift. Engage the intercostal muscles those transverse abdominis there. Even if you're not familiar with the muscles of your core, just see if you can connect. Again, move from a place you connect

as you lift up. And then release, awesome. Send the legs out long and slowly come to lie flat on your back. (breathing) Get centered on the mat.

And then when you're ready, lift the knees up, soles of the feet are gonna come right down to the mat. Lower back becomes flush with the mat so scoop the tailbone up. And then, whenever you're ready,

send the right leg up high. Point and flex. Maybe rotate the ankle one way and then the other. Just finding length. Really try reach your right toes towards your face when your flex.

And then feel how that's connected to the muscles of the lower back. (breathing) Keep breathing. And then, awesome. Now, we'll cross the right ankle over the top

of the left thigh, press up off the left toes, left shin is parallel to the ceiling here, and then we're gonna reach through, interlace the fingertips behind the left thigh. Use your right elbow to press your right inner thigh out and then we squeeze the legs up towards the chest.

Stay active in the toes here breathing deep. (breathing) Beautiful. Then, slowly lower the left foot down. Right foot comes all the way up towards the sky and then we release.

Second side. So, start by just bringing the left foot up and allowing the blood to flow opposite direction. Finding length through the leg even if the knee is bent. Really finding that

connection between the toes and the heel (breathing) by pointing and flexing or rotating the ankle and then noticing how that's connected to the muscles of the back body. You can even feel it on the ground. (breathing)

Feel supported by the earth and make sure you're not adding any tension here so relax your shoulders. (breathing) Fabulous. Then inhale in and exhale, cross the left ankle

over the top of the right thigh. When you're ready, press up off the right toes and we'll throw the needle here. Right shin is parallel to the ceiling and so rather than just letting this go, bright the right shin parallel

and imagine pressing your right foot into an imaginary wall so it's nice and active. Then use your left elbow to press the left inner thigh out and squeeze the legs up towards the chest. (breathing)

And stay present for yourself here. Keep noticing, ah, what do I feel? What's going on? (breathing) Awesome, take one more breath here. (breathing)

Then use your exhale to release and unravel. Gorgeous. Now take the base of the palms to the front of the hip creases and just give it a little massage.

And then slowly, connecting the lower back to the earth press into your feet, and slowly you're gonna walk your palms all the way up towards your knees and then all the way back down.

And then all the way back up peeling up through the spine. And all the way back down. So you want to stay in control on your way down. This is what helps build muscle in the abdominal wall. Nice controlled movement.

It's also really good for the spine. Let's do a couple more. Keeping the head and the neck integrated, not crunched. Awesome and then the next time that you reach up toward the knees, stay there.

And then we'll open the palms find the rotation that we've been playing with in the shoulder. Lift the toes here and then baby pulses as you look up towards the sky. (breathing)

Find an exhale. Spread your toes. (breathing) Pinkies up towards the ceiling. And release with control. (sighing)

Extending the legs out long. Arms come to your sides. Windshield wiper the toes. Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, and snuggle the shoulder blades underneath your heart space.

Take a deep breath in, inhale, lots of love in, (breathing) and exhale, lots of love out. (breathing) Again, lots of love in, I honor exactly who I am (breathing)

and where I'm at today. (breathing) So each practice is intended to build upon the next. So don't forget this practice of honoring exactly where you are each time you show up for yourself on your yoga mat. (light music)

I think it's a really powerful practice and I don't think it's necessarily an easy one. So, hats off to you for being here. Thank you so much for sharing your time and your energy with me. I'll see you tomorrow.

Take good care. Namaste. (light music)

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